Be aware !

Will your company soon be reduced to become a white label?

Don't believe it ? - ready for a surprise?

New global players are already ahead of you and it gets worse.

Want to know why?

Year 2018 - sorry - you are behind already!

The producer is getting squeezed

The world within supply chain is about to change much quicker than anyone could expect, just a few years ago. Especially Amazon and similar platforms are pushing existing business rules and the traditional connection between suppliers and their customers to the limit

  1. Walmart (and other retail chains) are getting competition from a side that was unthinkable just a decade ago.
  2. When consumers and business customers are shifting their purchasing and selection of products at a web-portal, who owns then the customer?

-  Think about that?

Your business platform can be wiped out overnight!

Why? - and how?

  • Do you know the difference between cloud based servers and locally based?
  • Do you know why the Amazons has an unfair advantage, so huge you will not believe it?
  • You think you have a stable customer platform? Soon you will be surprised.
  • Do you want to hear about how to stand up to this "sunami" of changes and become 5 times more competitive in future?
  • Would you like having the same toolbox as Amazon?

Is your specific business in any danger?

If you are active in one of following segments, then be aware:

  • Logistics in general *all transport modes. No matter the geography.
  • Food and grocery 
  • Electronic, computers, IT
  • Clothing, shoes and jewellery
  • Automotive and industrial
  • Travel
  • Sports and outdoors
  • and many more.....
  • Risk of being reduced to a sub-contracter is severe..

Amazon is one global driving force in this / but what about Alibaba, Zalando, Asos and others..?

About SCM Logistics

Been there / done that!

We have enough experience about "how to build an efficient supply chain" on our back to guarantee you that  we know your problems and challenges. Having worked globally the last 25 years helping companies building best in class supply chains and logistics solutions, We must admit that the game has drastically changed now.

What can we do for you?

If you are responsible for your company in terms of supply chain and logistics *COO/CEO etc. and (confidentially) not sure of how to attack this future challenge for your company (or even your job and future, which is also at stake here), then it will be an idea to talk.  Check out my personal profile on linkedin "Soren Moller Sorensen", for further reference or contact me directly through this website. 


Since we work exclusively and confidential for our clients, we will be able to be your "second opinion" and guide if you so decide?

Consultancy fees are negotiable of course and first contact is free of course. 

Can work all over the world. Done business in more than 50 countries previously. 

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